Empower your business with our credit services.
We take care of finances and help you relocate your employes.
Spending & relocation

Expat's dream Credit Card. Opened in minutes.

Our partners got you covered.

All digitally. No credit checks, no monthly fees.

Financial products for every step of your journey:

Cards, Funding, Accounts, Savings & Pension, Transportation, Auto, Rent & Accommodation.

  • Save your employes credit score.

    With responsible spending

    and on-time payments.

  • Control spendings

    Get unparalleled visibility of your business and uncover hidden value.

  • Your data is safe and encrypted.

    Freeze your cards at any time

    to protect account.

Superpowered admin panel

Get unparalleled visibility of your business and uncover hidden value.

Benefit for Bussiness
Time is money. Save both.
Get millions of employee hours back each year, and turn wasted spend into future investments.
  • We save 1 month and 2 000 $/person for the company and help you get the best team because you can hire globally easily.

    — Local Bank account for stuff

    — Company sponsor for your relocation

    — Company control staff spending

    — Company doesn't freeze its money

  • Create loyalty to solve relocation problems

    for your stuff.

    Visa, rent, and personal relocation expenses compensate and control by the company.


Big IT company needs to relocate people from Belarus to Poland.

They have 20 000 people and need 15k euros for each.

— They spend only one month creating a local bank account
— They don't have credit card
— Company doesn't manage its transactions
— The company burns out money on consulters and employs

With us
— Company opens a local bank account for employees in 5 minutes
— Company can control its spending
— Company doesn't freeze its money because uses our credit line for this card
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Save all your past. For a brilliant future.