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Credit Card arrived
for relocation
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Save your Credit Score and bank history after relocation. Forever.

For us, you are our client forever. After relocation too. Only you can delete your personal information.

Credit scores don't tell the whole story. ReloCard can look beyond your credit score to create a Money Score based on your banking history. Your Money Score shows your creditworthiness and can help you qualify for more credit at better rates.

  • Grow your credit score.

    With responsible spending

    and on-time payments.

  • Control your spending

    Set a budget, and see how

    much you've left to spend.

  • Your data is safe and encrypted.

    Freeze your card at any time

    to protect your account.

Expat's dream Credit Card. Opened in minutes.

Our partners got you covered.

All digitally. No credit checks, no monthly fees.

Financial products for every step of your journey:

Cards, Funding, Accounts, Savings & Pension, Transportation, Auto, Rent & Accommodation.

A secured credit card

with a no-zero Credit Score after relocation and a grace period

of up to 100 days*

We use your banking history from your home country to instantly create a Credit Score - a measure of your

creditworthiness based on income, spending, and savings history.

It's a multiplicator for your credit card. After 700 points, you can apply for an unsecured credit card.

Increase your limit

With Relocare Program, you can earn a credit line increase in 6 months by making qualifying on-time payments and keeping your credit score within a personalized range.

No wallet? No problem.

Built for speed, security, and a post-global pandemic world. Connect your Petal card to Apple Pay® or

Google Pay™ on your phone, tap and go.

Credit reimagined for relocation
See how the ReloCard stacks up.
ReloCard by Relocare
Traditional Bank Platinum
Traditional Bank Golden Mastercard
Cash back at relocation services
No annual fee plan
Credit limit
€300 - €20,000
22.24% - 31.74%

Compare all the benefits

Not sure which plan to choose? This breakdown should help you select the one just right for you


No fee ATM withdrawals within limits
£200/m or 5x
£200/m limit
£400/m limit
£800/m limit
Personalised cards. Fees apply
Credit Limit
$300 - $5,000
$300 - $10,000
$300 - $10,000
$300 - $20,000
22.24% - 31.74%
15.24% - 29.24%
15.24% - 29.24%
15.24% - 29.24%
Grace period
30 days
50 days
100 days
100 days
Cash Back and Discounts
Discounted international transfers
Free card delivery
Free Express
Free Express
24/7 priority customer support
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